About My Ministry

My name is Ruthie Swedlund, I am a Christian, mother of three, marathoner and passionate about womens fitness.

I wasn't always a runner. In fact four years ago I hated running. Today I am convinced that marathon training is something that can change women profoundly, because I was profoundly changed after my first half marathon.

My idea is simple. Minister to women in a unique and special way, marathon training.

God gave us bodies that can do things we cannot even imagine. His design is breathtaking and incredible! What I find even more amazing is how we can abuse our bodies with lack of activity but his creation can adapt and get us where we need to be in this world.  I believe life with an unfit body is not what God intended for us. If we choose to do so, we can be transformed into fit, healthy women He meant for us to be.

A fit healthy body leads us through life with a different perspective, attitude and energy - physically, emotionally and spiritually. We see through different eyes. What a gift. It might seem impossible to change, but it isn't.

Since this is a ministry, I do not want cost to be a factor in keeping women from participating.

Because of this  I do not charge specific rates for my coaching. I do, however, take donations.

If my coaching has blessed you and you like to donate in a monetary way you may do so here. (insert pay pal)